Wallbox Pulsar Plus
Wallbox Pulsar Plus
Wallbox Pulsar Plus

Wallbox Pulsar Plus combines efficient power and compact size. It comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, DC leakage protection and you’re ready for PowerBoost. Can also be installed in housing cooperatives with load balancing and multi-use solution. 

Wallbox charging systems are compatible with electric cars and hybrid cars from all car brands.
Maximum power 22 kW.

Maximum power 22 kW.

Wallbox charging systems are compatible with electric cars and hybrid cars from all car brands.

You do not need earth fault circuit breaker type B because extra protection DC 6mA is installed in the charger.
Prepared for PowerBoost (dynamic load balancing).

Wallbox Quasar is the first DC home charger that uses advanced two-way charging technology.
It charges out and in through the CHAdeMO connector, and is available with a maximum output of 7.4 kW DC. Quasar comes with advanced facial recognition and optional hand gesture technology. In addition, you can unlock the Quasar charger using Bluetooth, the Wallbox app or RFID. The Wallbox charging system is compatible with electric cars and hybrid cars from all car brands .

Charging cable and connector holder are included. 


Electric cars are a strongly growing market and most indications are that this trend will continue. We at Guld Sol Byggen AB think this is very positive and we would like to help and do our part. That’s why we offer installation of a charging box for your electric car (or future one) in connection with installing your new solar cell system.


  • Compatible with all electric cars
  • Reliable with smart software
  • Water resistant (IP 66)
  • Stylish with a Scandinavian design
  • Easy to install
  • Made from recycled aluminium


We at Guld Sol Byggen AB always keep our eyes open in case the market offers something better. Regardless of which charging box we install, you will always be able to use our smart app and cloud service. With our app you will easily be able to schedule your charging, see when the car is fully charged and see how long you have until the battery is fully charged.

Common questions about having a charging box at home

More and more people are starting to think about switching to an electric car, but how does charging actually work? What do you need to think about to charge as safely and smartly as possible at home? We try to answer that and some other common questions here.

Is charging the car smartest and safest at home with a charging box?

It is possible to charge the car via a normal outlet – however, it is not recommended more than in isolated cases. Ordinary wall sockets are not adapted to the high load that charging an electric car entails, and this entails a risk of heat development and, in the worst case, a fire can occur. The Swedish Electrical Safety Authority has drawn up guidelines for how you should charge your car at home, and their recommendation is to use a charging box.

What is a charging box and what functions does it have?

A charging box is an electrical installation and an outlet that is adapted for charging electric vehicles. It is developed to handle high loads for a longer period of time and is thus a safer charging method for your car. In addition, you can charge with higher power, which means that charging is faster compared to a normal outlet.

Many of the charging boxes are also smart and connected, which means that, for example, it takes care of the load balancing automatically and logs the consumption that is connected to your car.

Where do you buy a charging box and how do you get it installed?

Guld Sol Byggen AB has charging boxes of several different models that match our wide range of solar cells and your needs. We sell all charging boxes in an assembled and ready package where installation of the box is included and carried out by a certified electrical installation company.

Load home grant for charging box installation - what is it and how do you get it?

The government has decided to provide financial support to private individuals with their own property who install charging stations next to their homes. The grant is 50% (max. SEK 10,000) of the cost of purchase and installation. You apply for the grant on your own on the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s website (We at Guld Sol Byggen AB will be more than happy to help you if it feels complicated) no later than six months after the installation has been completed. There is also support to apply for for companies, organizations and housing associations. For more information visit

Charging along the way

The home is usually the most obvious charging point, but if you need to charge your car along the way, there is today a network of charging stations around the country that are continuously expanding in number.